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  Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)
To help our customers with our service, we have listed the most common Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) from our customers.

What is is an online guide that helps people find great photographers across the US based on informed referrals from a vibrant and active community. FindPhotographers is a fun and easy way to find and review great photographers — and not so great — in your city.

Is free for users?

Yes! is free for all users providing reviews for photographers. Photographers who wish to list their own profile on is subject to a subscription fee listed below.


Can I review a photographer I am connected to?

If you are connected to a photographer, through either a personal or professional relationship, we encourage you to provide your review, so long as you are open about and explicitly disclose your relationship to the business in your review. In order to keep referrals trustworthy, we need to make sure that the readers always know whenever a reviewer's perspective may be influenced by their personal connections. will always review referrals, and delete any referrals that are deemed inappropiate.


How do I list my business on

To post your business on, simply fill out our standard membership profile by clicking here.


What are the fees for photographers to list their names or businesses on

Photographers who wish to list their name or business on have the following membership options below:

Pricing Plan

What if a user post a dishonest referral on my business? maintain a positve, trustworthy, and reliable referrals environment for all of its members. If a user post a negative referral, we will review the content of the referral for accuracy and legitimacy. If the referral is unfair and inaccurate, we will delete the referral against your account and suspend the user's account indefinitely.

How can I contact can be contacted by sending an email to Our friendly staff will try to response to your questions and comments in 24-48 hours. Thank you.


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